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ӺحҴ 2557
.... ^0^
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ӧҹ ѹá ͧչ....^^


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ͧ 2





ѹѡ͔ 繵͹˹

ͺ͵͹ ͧçѺ ͵͹


11 Ҥ 2557

ҹ ҷӧҹҹ

信Ѻ Ѻ 駫

֡ ҫ Shutdown ا෾ ա


Ẻ俿 Ӻҡ͹ѹ


9 ͡ҡҹ

ѹ Ҩ˹ѧ¹ѵ

紴ա ѹ ١ǹ


͡ ѵ ...... ѵ ͡

ἹԹǡҧѹ ѹ ѹ ¡ԡ


ҹѡѡ § ǡѺ

ѹ չѴҫͼҡѺǡ о˹

Ҩ͹ ҹ͹˹

ո ѹ觤ѡ


͡ҡ 仾 ͧѵ ҹǿѧ

Ѻ¤ ѵ ͡ ǔ


͡ ԧ ѵ Ҩ֡ Ѻ֡ͧ

ԴѺ ͹ 令Դҡ ͹


觵͹á ҿѧ¤ ҡ֡͹ѹ



ѹ ͹ҤѺ

ѹ ѹ˹觡Һ͡ Ό

Ƿҹ Ҥѹҹ .....


Դ   Ѻ͹ʺ㨴ա


件֧ ѹ ҡ͹

ѹ ѹ ˹͹ ѹ



áԨáͧѹ Թ ѹ

ͺǾ˹ Ҵ Ҵ µͧҫ ѹ



Ңͧ· չ

Ƿ ᷹.....^^


ԹѹԹ ҹ áԹ

ǡ ѹ Ѻ͹ ѹʹء



ҧö֡ ͧѵ աͺ


Ẻ 觢ͤ ա

͡ ͧҧ ٴա


ԧ ҡ ִ֡Ѵ


¡ҡ͹ 褹 Ҩѧ



ѵ ҹ͹ѹ

ѵ Ź Ҷ




ͺѹ ͺѹ


觷ҷ͹ 觷ҡ






ҧ ͹ѹ


׹ ŧ˹觡¢ ͺ͹͡


Եͧ ˹ͺ


ͺسзء ҷ



͹ 觷 ͧ ͧ

ѹ 14 ͹˹

Ҩ价 ¹Ẻ ѵ ա


ҷ ѹդآ

ÿѧ ¹

Ѻ ͹ ֡ Դͧ ء

ͧ˹ 觹֡͡


͡ѹ Ẻ ....ѵ ͹ ШѺ

ҡѺ Ẻ


š ѡѹ Ẻ 任





ҡ ͧ ͧ ....^^ 




<< .... ^0^ӺحҴ 2557 >>


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